Summer 1-acts 2018

The 1-Acts show gives our members who would like to have a go at directing their chance, without them having to take on the responsibility of a major production. Our newest members also have the opportunity to star in these plays to ease them into performing on stage and gain confidence before being cast in one of our future productions.

For the past few years Worcester Park Dramatics Society have chosen published plays to perform for our Summer 1-Acts show. This year we have decided to show WPDS’ play writing skills, showcasing 10 short performances that have never been seen before. Each play is between 5-15minutes long and is all original work.

It is very exciting for our new drama group, Worcester Park Youth Theatre, as they will be debuting on stage. The cast range from 6-9 years old and can’t wait to open the show and demonstrate all their skills they have learnt since September 2017, when the youth theatre first started.

‘Everyday Antics’ created by Cheryl Hart and WPYT members
‘Play On’ and ‘Like Me’ both written by Harriet Buckingham
‘Crossed Wires’ written by Cheryl Hart
‘The Call’ written by Rory Gilbert
‘The Rumour Behind the Laughter Lines’ written by Maisie Kearsey
‘Rules and Taboos’ written by Jacquie Yorke
‘Out Here on my Own’ written by Andrew Parsons-Deering
‘Blind Date’ written by Brenda Denison
Poem written by Margaret Mason

The programme includes five short 1-act plays, two monologues and two poems

20 – 21 July
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