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Ready for opening night

After successful technical and dress rehearsals our ‘Sylvia’s Wedding’ cast and backstage team are ready for an audience.

Thank you to all coming to see us perform this wonderful play by Jimmie Chinn. You will find Vic and Joyce watching TV.

Enjoy the show!

Watch interviews with Sylvia’s Wedding cast

Show week has arrived and we are in the Adrian Mann Theatre! With opening night nearly upon us, there is no better time to get to know the cast and their characters.

Jake Figgins has been conducting the interviews and here is the latest of the bride to be, Sylvia, played by Jacquie Yorke. Head over to our Facebook page to watch them all.

Sylvia’s Wedding Cast and Characters

With only 8 weeks remaining until ‘Show Week’, the excitement at finally being able to stage ‘Sylvia’s Wedding’ is growing! This production was originally scheduled for April 2020, but postponed due to Covid weeks before Opening Night. We are all delighted to be bringing Sylvia’s Wedding out of hibernation and look forward to welcoming our audiences through the doors of the Adrian Mann Theatre in April.

In order of appearance
Joyce Lomax
Vic Lomax
Sylvia Lomax
Stanley Broadbent
Myrtle Broadbent
Gordon Broadbent
Jacquie Yorke
Harriet Buckingham
Lynda Mitchell
Hugh Jones
Lorren Reader
Alan Honey
Jake Figgins

Tickets & Info

Sylvia’s Wedding tickets available now

We are extremely pleased to announce that tickets are now on sale for our heavily postponed production of ‘Sylvia’s Wedding’, directed by Patricia Dale.

Sylvia’s Wedding
28 – 30 April
Adrian Mann Theatre

After ten years of courting, Gordon suddenly proposes to Sylvia, throwing their families into turmoil. Sylvia’s parents, Joyce and Vic, are hardly the sort of people Gordon’s pompous father, Stanley, wants his family connected with and Vic feels…

Tickets & info

Frankenstein 1930 Cast

Here’s a look at our cast and their characters for our November production of Frankenstein 1930. We are proud to announce that Jake Figgins and Alan Honey are making their Adrian Mann Theatre acting debut for WPDS.

In order of appearance
Horst, a gravedigger
Claus, a gravedigger
Victor Frankenstein
Aunt Frederica
Henry Lovitz
Dr. Hellstrom
The Creature
Jacquie Yorke
Lorren Reader
Hugh Jones
Martin Phillips
James Canvin
Jake Figgins
Asun del Valle
Lorren Reader
Harriet Buckingham
Ian McDonald
Des Wilby
Andrew Parsons-Deering
Jacquie Yorke
Alan Honey
(Recorded Voice) TBA

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‘Frankenstein’ breaks record as rehearsals well under way

As we find ourselves well into rehearsals for Frankenstein 1930, a first edition of Mary Shelly’s iconic original novel ‘Frankenstein’ has smashed the previous record to become the most expensive printed work by a woman sold at auction.

We found the following article interesting as it not only explains how rare and collectable this copy is, but also gives some insight into, and quotes from, the author, including her inspiration for writing ‘Frankenstein’.

November Production 2021

Our November production is Frankenstein 1930, directed by Trevor Payne.

Frankenstein 1930
25 – 27 November
Adrian Mann Theatre

Based on a new version of Mary Shelley’s classic book, this adaptation for the stage by Fred Carmichael contains all the eagerly anticipated elements…

Tickets & info

WPDS are back!

We are delighted to announce we will be staging our normal 1-Acts production this July. The programme will be the usual mix of 1-Act plays, short sketches and monologues, with a mixture of published material and items written by society members.

Watch this space for Box Office information around the end of May. The production will be a matinee in the Colin Peel Hall, at the Elmcroft Community Centre in North Cheam on Saturday 24 July at 2.30pm

WPDS wins set award for Party Piece
Images: David Alcorn Photography
Great news! We have won a NODA scenic award for our November 2019 production of Richard Harris’s ‘Party Piece’.
After a careful review of all productions between April 1st 2019 and March 31st 2020 WPDS has been selected as the London District 3 Winner of the ‘Shinfield Players Scenic Award’.

We have also been shortlisted for the London Regional Scenic Award which will be announced on June 14. This is an honour for the Society and we would like to thank everyone involved in the production for all their hard work creating and constructing this set with a very limited time in the theatre.

Play Writing Competition: Deadline Extended
As the lockdown continues we have decided to extend the deadline for our play writing competition to give more people a chance to enter. Please see the previous article for full details.
The new deadline for entries is 1 July 2020
Entries to

This competition is now closed

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