Award nominations were made by our regional Noda representative Steve Macvicar.

We were nominated for
The Shinfield Players Scenic Award for our set for Daughter of the Left Hand

It is also a pleasure to announce that our chairman Hugh Jones has received
The Flame Award for District 3
“For Inspirational Contribution to the Pursuit of Excellence in Theatre”.

This is the Citation Steve Macvicar sent to NODA appointing Hugh as the recipient of this years Flame award:

I have been attending dramatic productions presented by Worcester Park Dramatic Society twice a year for the past thirteen years and in that time the standards achieved by the society have improved year on year.

This is in no small part played by the recipient of this award namely Hugh Jones.

Hugh has been instrumental to this success in many different forms. As Chairman for much if not all that period Hugh has guided the good ship WPDS along during some rocky times when recruitment of the younger generation was almost impossible and in addition the society’s normal performance venue was unavailable for a period of time.

Not only in leadership is Hugh to be commended but he also assists with Set Design and Set Building for each and every production. If that wasn’t enough Hugh is involved in every production either as a Director, as an accomplished actor or on some occasions both. I’m sure he carries out many other duties for the society of which I’m not aware.

It is my pleasure to present this year’s Flame Award for NODA London District Three to Hugh Jones of Worcester Park Dramatic Society.