April 2012

Director: Patricia Dale

A production of 5 plays: Four Queens Wait For Henry, Just The Two Of Us, Magic, Plaster and Unhand Me Squire

November 2011

Director: Patricia Davy

Cast: Helen Parmiter, Yvonne Black, Margaret Mason, Kathy Byrne, Hayley Sponder, Martin Phillips, Lynda Mitchell, Jane Cook, Hugh Jones, Andy Davidson, Harriet Buckingham, Tony Parfitt, Sue Eacott, Nisha Pearson, Patrick Morrison

April 2011

Director: Patricia Dale

Cast: Hugh Jones, David Ryland, Patrick Morrison, Martin Phillips, Andy Davidson, Helen Parmiter, Jane Cook, Yvonne Black, Margaret Mason, Lynda Mitchell Sue Eacott, Kathy Byrne, Diana Barton, Patricia Davy Sundry Suffragettes: Jean Willsher, Norma Allan, Margaret Remington, Rosie Nurse, Nisha Pearson

November 2010

Director: Joyce Cranfield

Cast: Sue Eacott, Samantha Bourne, Hayley Sponder, Yvonne Black, Patricia Davy, Andy Davidson

This production took place at the Community Centre

April 2010

Director: Patricia Dale

Cast: David Ryland, Hugh Jones, Martin Phillips, Andy Davidson, Diana Barton, Norma Allan, Sue Eacott, Margaret Mason, Hayley Sponder, Lynda Mitchell, Jane Cook, Samantha Stannett, Brian Sage

November 2009

Director: Hugh Jones

A Fusion Players Production

April 2008

Director: Joyce Cranfield

Cast: Jennifer Child, Jane Cook, Sue Green, Trisha Davey, Kathy Byrne, Margaret Mason, Val Summers, Yvonne Black, Anna Davies, Martin Phillips, Sue Eacott, Hugh Jones

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