WPDS Membership

We are a friendly society and are always hoping to welcome new members. Whether in an acting capacity or backstage, there are numerous ways to be involved including set design and construction, lighting, sound, costumes, properties etc. There are also regular social events and theatre visits throughout the year. Wherever your particular interest lies, there is a welcoming place for you within WPDS.

Membership options

Full Membership
This entitles members to participate in our major productions throughout the year and in all other society functions and social events. It also entitles members to a free ticket to all major productions if not actually involved in the production.

Annual fee   £40

Student Membership
Half price Full Membership. This is available if you are under 21 and actively enrolled as a student. ID required.

Annual fee   £20

Friends Membership
This entitles you to full participation in all the social events of the society year but does not include participation in the major productions. It is also available to any former member who has moved out of our area and wishes to maintain contact with the society. Such members are also entitled to one free ticket for all major productions.

Annual fee   £22

Our Membership Secretary
Trevor Payne   trevor_payne@hotmail.co.uk

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